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This website looks at the Australian currency of Coins and Banknotes and the Errors & Varieties that are found amongst our currency. This is the first ever most comprehensive guide to Australian coin and banknote errors and varieties in one place on the internet or anywhere for that matter. This website contains a full pictorial guide to Australian circulation coins and banknotes both decimal and pre-decimal. A comprehensive listing of Australian decimal coin and banknote Errors and Varieties and a guide to prices for both standard coins & banknotes and coin errors and varieties. To browse this website first you need turn off your popup stopper and then you need to be a member to log in. You can browse the web links page and the Forum at any time.

Please Note: Some of the information contained on this web site has been sourced from various websites, forums, magazines and auctions. If you see  information or a picture that belongs to you and you would like it to be removed from this website. Please email me.

1981 2c Ram Strike

1981 2c Ram Strike

1981 2c Multiple Clip

1981 2c multiple clip.

2001 10c Filled Die.

2001 10c Filled Die

If you see this picture.

This website still needs pictures to fill some gaps to complete the pictorial guide. If you can help please email us.

1991 $50 Missing top portion of design.

1991 $50 Top portion

of design missing.

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1995 $50 Missing 5.

1995 $50 Missing No. 5

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